About Me

My name is Daren Owen.  I’ve been a Registered Occupational Therapist for 40 years and a Kinesiology Practitioner since 1989.

I have extensive experience working with neurological and structural rehab in hospitals, home health, skilled nursing, schools, Doctors’ offices and private practice. Every year, I spend a ridiculous amount of money and time learning all the good techniques out there (NDT, MFR, Craniosacral, Joint Mobility, Feldenkrais,etc.etc). I can confidently say that TOUCH FOR HEALTH ,THE SYNTHESIS OF CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE MEDICINE WITH MODERN PHYSIOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES, will propel your effectiveness as a therapist and boost your confidence to help anyone, anytime, for anything.

You can incorporate TFHK in every technique you know. You can improve yourself or others energetically, structurally, and emotionally above and beyond a regular treatment. For me, TFH is also the most important fundamental FIRST AID KIT ever devised. Imagine pain from headaches, toothaches, insomnia, broken bones, overwhelm, grief, fear, infections, poison ivy, food sensitivities….you get the point. I find something from TFH that can address anything I want to address.

There is muscle testing to access the central nervous system and the meridian energy. Don’t let that scare you. We make it easy and fun.

It is my life joy and pleasure working with both patients and students and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you for stopping by and please drop me a message if you have any questions at TFH Care or Training.